Six suspect arrested for assault, another ‘pedo hunting’ incident

The police in Waddingxveen in Zuid-Holland arrested six people suspected in an assault case on a 44-year-old man. At the end of October, the victim thought he had agreed to meet with a young woman. However, when he arrived, it turned out to be a trap. A group of men awaited him and beat him up. The incident is thought to be a case of ‘pedo hunting’.

The victim had to go to the hospital. After investigation, the police arrested six suspects: Five men from Waddinxveen aged 23, 22, 19, 19, and 18 and a girl aged 16, also from Waddinxveen. As of Thursday noon, the six suspects were still being detained by the police.

The investigation further showed that the 22-year-old suspect was also responsible for sending violence-inciting messages. Several calls were made via social media accounts to cause disturbances around the turn of the year. Last year, New Year’s Eve in Waddinxveen was very turbulent, as large groups of young people gathered after several appeals were made on social media.