Vic Fangio: Drew Lock has to improve

Broncos quarterback Drew Lock believes “without a doubt” that he’s the right man for the team in Denver despite leading the league in interceptions this year and seeing his completion percentage drop from his rookie campaign.

Lock’s confidence hasn’t led head coach Vic Fangio to ink Lock’s name into the starting lineup. Fangio held an end of season press conference on Tuesday and said that Lock “can be” the team’s starter in 2021, but that he can’t just glide into camp with the job in his pocket.

“He’s going to have to improve,” Lock said, via Andrew Mason of DNVR Sports.

Fangio said last week that he’s excited about having offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur back for a second season with the team and continuity could be a plus for Lock showing the improvement Fangio is looking for. Before they get on the field, the Broncos will have an opportunity to add other players at the position and their approach to that will show just how committed they are to Lock in the short term.