Police pelted with fireworks, stones in various incidents; Three cops hurt in Arnhem

Three police officers were hurt in Arnhem while putting an end to an illegal party. Attendees pelted them with stones and one cop had to go to hospital for treatment, the police said. Incidents of cops being pelted with fireworks and other items were also reported in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Leeuwarden, among others.

The riot police were deployed to a building on Koningsweg in Arnhem to put an end to an illegal party there early on Friday morning. The around 70 attendees resisted and threw stones at the police officers.

Three people were arrested for public violence. Others will be fined, the police said.

In Amsterdam, police officers were pelted with fireworks on Osdorper Ban in the Nieuw-West district. Five people were arrested. None of the officers were hurt, according to AT5.

In the Rotterdam-Rijnmond region, police officers and other emergency workers were harassed in multiple incidents, according to Rijnmond.

On Vriendschapsplein in Schiedam, riot police officers were pelted with fireworks shortly after midnight. A group of young people threw stones and fireworks at firefighters who responded to a fire on Teldersweg in Schiebroek in Rotterdam. Riot police were also deployed to disperse crowds on Vlasakkersstraat in Rotterdam-Zuid and on Vogelplein in Dordrecht.

In Leeuwarden, police officers were pelted with fireworks by a group of young people in the city center. Multiple people were arrested, according to NOS.

A police officer fired a warning shot in Wapenveld when a group young people started harassing him after he admonished them for a fire they set. The group dispersed after the shot, the police said. The police are investigating.

In Waardenburg, the riot police were deployed to disperse a group of around 100 people who were preventing firefighters from putting out a fire, the police said. Four people were arrested on suspicion of public violence, one for throwing fireworks at a police officer. The police confiscated 25 cobras.